serving guide

The cake serving guide you need to know!

We know we always bang on about this – but we are here to make the whole cake booking process easy.

And we help you by telling you all about the different cake sizes we offer- because size does matter! No one wants to run out of cake (noooo!), nor have a whole cake left over. 

When planning the perfect cake, think about...

  • Your venue. Are you having a first birthday at home? Or a wedding for 300 in a ballroom? The size of your venue helps determine cake size (as little cakes get lost in big rooms).
  • How many people you are catering for. And will they all actually want cake? Believe it or not, not everyone likes cake. Crazy I know.
  • The food you are serving before the cake comes out. A five course meal? Cocktail function? How full will your guests be before cake?
  • How you plan to serve the cake. As a dessert? Or on platters to be served after dessert?
  • If you want some cake left over for after your honeymoon… or maybe extra’s for your kid’s school lunch boxes. Or your morning tea.

Want a big cake but don’t have heaps of guests? We have options for you.

Not sure how to cut a big cake? Don’t worry, we provide you with a cake cutting guide!

Our cake servings

Our cakes are tall (unlike us!). They stand proud at approx 6″ high. We recommend cutting each piece in half (as cake is sweet, and it’s filling).

Coffee serve = 1in x 1 in x 3in
Perfect for kid’s parties, or after big 3 course wedding dinners.

Dessert serve = 2in x 1in x  3in
When cake is dessert, this is your go-to.