who is

blue & ruby?

Laren of Blue + Ruby Cake Art

Hi! I'm Lauren, and I look after blue & ruby.

I’m a busy mum of two  boys, wife and main school uber-driver in my house! So I’m probably a lot like you – busy juggling lots of balls in the air! And guess what? My boys share the same birthday week, so I know how crazy it can be when you throw a party in the mix…

I started blue & ruby in 2016. Prior to this I climbed the corporate ladder for over a decade, yet always yearned to start my own business. I guess I’ve always been creative, and a little entrepreneurial – memories of selling handmade beaded bracelets and necklaces at my Grandma’s market stall come to mind!

A qualified chef by trade, it’s fair to say I’m a little obsessed with all things food, baking and the hospitality industry – Gosh do I get excited when a new cafe or restaurant opens in my area!

I’m also obsessed w almond latte’s, eclectic song playlists (it’s seriously random!), keeping my growing collection of indoor plants alive, and lego building with my boys…who – by the way – are the inspiration behind the name blue & ruby (their fav colours!).

Lauren laying gold leaf onto a cake